Winamac Town Council Approves Quote for Electrical Rebuild Project to the East of Town

Winamac Town Council members were informed about quotes that received for an electrical rebuild project to the east of town when they met Monday night.

Electric Department Superintendent Doug Shorter explained that the rebuild is needed to help power the new wells. He said the upgrades will entail installing new poles and running some wire.

Town Manager Brad Zellers told the council members that three quotes were submitted for the project and they ranged from $75,000 to about $275,000. He explained that the lowest quote came from IMPA Service Corp (ISC) who offered to do the project for $75,000.

The other quotes were not presented during the meeting, but Zellers provided them to Clerk-Treasurer Melanie Berger and they were included in her draft minutes. ARC American, Inc offered to do section one for $122,407 and section two for $33,128. A third quote of $271,511.25 was submitted by L.E. Myers.

During the meeting, Zellers recommended moving forward with the quote of $75,000 from ISC. His recommendation was heeded and council members voted unanimously to approve the quote from IMPA Service Corp.