Tree Removal, Replacement Continue in Winamac Town Park

Entrance to the Winamac Town Park

New trees have been planted in the Winamac Town Park, while old trees continue to be removed. Park Manager Dave DeLorenzo told the park board last week that 15 of the park’s 18 new trees have now been planted, thanks to Proscapes Unlimited, Dave Bennett, and Park Board Member Jon Chapman. The planting was originally scheduled to take place during a park cleanup day last month, but was delayed by flooding.

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Winamac Town Council Approves Quote for Electrical Rebuild Project to the East of Town

Winamac Town Council members were informed about quotes that received for an electrical rebuild project to the east of town when they met Monday night.

Electric Department Superintendent Doug Shorter explained that the rebuild is needed to help power the new wells. He said the upgrades will entail installing new poles and running some wire.

Town Manager Brad Zellers told the council members that three quotes were submitted for the project and they ranged from $75,000 to about $275,000. Continue reading

Winamac Town Council Approves Quote for Renovation Work Needed at the Utilities Complex

On Monday, Winamac Town Manager Brad Zellers informed town council members of some renovation work that must be done at the Utilities Complex.

The electric department is now utilizing the space in that building that used to be the police station. So far they’ve done some in-house work such as painting, organizing and taking care of smaller details.

Zellers explained that there are some issues with the garage on the east side of the building that will require them to seek outside assistance. Continue reading

New Winamac Police Department On Main Street is Open to the Public

During their Monday night meeting, Winamac Town Council members were notified that renovations to the new Police Station are nearing completion.

Employees from the water, sewage, street and electric departments have assisted with the project for the last several months. Town Manager Brad Zellers previously stated that approximately $70,000 was saved just by utilizing town employees for certain aspects of the project. Continue reading

Winamac Town Council Members Pass Amended Salary Ordinance

Holding a valid journeyman card will result in a higher starting pay for employees hired onto the Winamac Electric Department, following a decision made by the town council members Monday night.

Council members voted unanimously to pass an amended salary ordinance which specifies that an electric department employee who is a licensed journeyman can be hired at an hourly rate of $23.55. Continue reading

Winamac Town Council Members Approve Truck Purchase for Electric Department

Winamac Town Council members approved the purchase of a Digger Derrick Truck for the Electric Department when they met Monday night. Town Manager Brad Zellers explained that Digger Derrick Trucks are utilized by electric departments to dig holes for light posts.

Zeller explained that initially, they wanted to go with the least expensive truck bid which was submitted by the company Altec. However, he said they had issues getting anybody from that company to come out to go over the details of the sale. Continue reading

Amendments to Salary Ordinance Considered by Winamac Town Council

Amendments to the Winamac salary ordinance were considered on first reading when the Winamac Town Council met on Monday night.

Town Attorney Justin Schramm explained to council members that the first proposed change deals specifically with the salary of the parks and recreation department secretary.

He stated, “It changes the parks and recreation secretary from $30 a meeting to $1,000 payable the first pay period of December.” Continue reading

Winamac Town Council Approves Request to Purchase Public Alert Service

Utility customers in the Town of Winamac will soon have the opportunity to be directly notified of various alerts thanks to a request submitted by 1st Deputy Clerk Kim Burke.

At Monday’s Winamac Town Council meeting, Burke told members about a system called Public Alert which would allow her to individually send members of the community notifications that would impact them specifically.

“We can send out like emergency snow removal when we need them all to park on one side of the street, waterline breaks, if we close down a road. From what I understand, they can rig it up with our billing system.” Burke provided a potential example, “I can go in there and say ‘look, these people on Burson Street, you’re water’s shut off, we have a break’ and I can send them an alert.” Continue reading