North Judson Town Council Approves Company for Sewer Line Replacement Project

North Judson Town Hall is Located at 310 Lane Street

Two quotes for a sewer line replacement project near the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum were presented to North Judson Town Council members last Monday.

Town Superintendent Marshall Horstmann has been attempting to obtain quotes for this project for a few months. He initially presented the members with one quote and they asked him to obtain some other offers for comparison.

He said he called 4 companies but was only able to get one additional quote. Horstmann previously informed council members about a quote from JD Excavating who offered to do the work for $14,500 and the new quote presented was for $53,702.40 from H&G Underground Utilities.

Due to the significant difference between the two offers, members opted to go with the lowest quote. After ensuring that all old business had been resolved with the company, members permitted Horstmann to draw up a contract with JD Excavating and asked him to bring it to the next meeting.

He reminded them that the project will require dewatering work as well as 150 feet of 10-inch sewer line being replaced. He also noted that after speaking with a representative at JD Excavating, they said they could get started on this work during the first week in September and proposed that it could be completed in approximately 3 weeks.