Some Issues Remain with Eastern Pulaski Paving, Concrete Work

Work is wrapping up on the Eastern Pulaski Community School Corporation’s summer paving and concrete project. But Superintendent Dan Foster says there are still a couple issues to be resolved.

“We did find out that our cutouts for the sidewalk ramps, some of them are not ADA-compliant,” Foster explains, “so they do have to come back and redo some of those. And he have a couple speed bumps – they were replaced when we did the new asphalt, and some of them are a little bit taller than a couple of the other ones, so we’ve had some cars scraping on the speed bumps. So we’re going to have that taken care of.”

Along with the pavement work, major adjustments have been made to the flow of traffic around the schools’ campus. “I think for the most part, things have gone pretty well,” Foster says, “and people are adjusting and understanding that what we did, we tried to do with the best interests of safety of our students and staff in mind.”

Foster says that going forward, school officials are looking at addressing traffic issues at the southeast driveway. “We’ve got a little problem there. We, at times, have three lanes of traffic in two lanes of asphalt, so that doesn’t work real well,” he explains. “So we’re taking a look at that. We do have a couple ideas.”

Additionally, Foster says repairs have been made to the high school gym floor. He previously explained that there had been issues with the stain, following the floor’s installation in 2016. The flooring company initially blamed the issue on the school, but an independent consultant later determined that the school was not at fault. Foster says the floor is now back in use with the school’s volleyball teams.