Starke County Sheriff, Knox School Superintendent Discuss School Resource Officer

Starke County Sheriff Bill Dulin and Knox Community School Superintendent Dr. William Reichhart recently met to discuss integrating a school resource officer at the Knox Community School Corporation.

“There’s a need for a school safety officer,” said Dulin. “It kind of hit home with Noblesville. The threat is real. It just a matter of if and when so we have to be prepared. We spoke to the Knox school superintendent about possible funding for a school resource officer. He did advise me that he obtained some grants and I have to get it approved through the council and commissioners and then he has to get it approved through the Knox School Board. Hopefully we can come to an agreement and have an officer in the school this school year.”

Sheriff Dulin said he sees a school resource officer as more than just a safety official.

“I see it as more than school safety. I see it as interacting with the students, making sure that students feel safe as well as provide safety and security at the school. They could also mingle with them and kind of be a person than just somebody in a uniform walking the hallways.”

The Knox Community School Board members will discuss the position in a future meeting as well as the Starke County Commissioners and Starke County Council members.