The Next Stellar Step for North Judson is to Create a Comprehensive Plan

Coordination between North Judson officials and representatives at the Kankakee Iroquois Regional Planning Committee (KIRPC) is happening as the town prepares to have a comprehensive plan created.

When North Judson town council members met on Monday, Clerk-Treasurer Andrew Rowe shared a bit about the recent meeting held at Starke County Economic Development Foundation offices about local Regional Stellar efforts.

He said the next step for North Judson is to start putting together a comprehensive plan. KIRPC Executive Director Edwin Buswell provided the clerk-treasurer with a few different official companies that can be utilized for the process. Those options will be assessed and the council will be asked to approve a viable candidate in a future meeting.

Clerk-Treasurer Rowe highlighted a related opportunity that he’ll be doing some more research on that can help pay for the plan.

“I’ll also be looking into a grant proposal that goes along with only having to spend ten cents on the dollar for that comprehensive plan.” Rowe elaborated, “In other words we’d pay $5,000 for a $50,000 comprehensive plan.”

Rowe noted he plans to write up a summary about the SCEDF meeting on August 15th to provide some additional information to the council members who were unable to attend.