Lieutenant Governor Looking Forward to Stellar Finalists’ Final Proposals

Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch

Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch is looking forward to seeing the final proposals from this year’s four Stellar Communities finalists. Marshall County Crossroads – made up of Argos, Bourbon, Bremen, Culver, Plymouth, and Marshall County itself – as well as Constellation of Starke – consisting of Hamlet, Knox, North Judson, and Starke County – are both in the running for the regional designation.

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Hamlet Council President Hopes Stellar Designation Would Help with Perception Issues

Hamlet Town Council President Dave Kesvormas hopes a Stellar Community designation for Starke County could help make the town more welcoming of future development. During last week’s council meeting, Kesvormas said he’s not 100-percent sold on the Stellar Communities Program, but he thinks it would help put certain things in a more favorable light.

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The Next Stellar Step for North Judson is to Create a Comprehensive Plan

Coordination between North Judson officials and representatives at the Kankakee Iroquois Regional Planning Committee (KIRPC) is happening as the town prepares to have a comprehensive plan created.

When North Judson town council members met on Monday, Clerk-Treasurer Andrew Rowe shared a bit about the recent meeting held at Starke County Economic Development Foundation offices about local Regional Stellar efforts.

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Local Officials Consider Existing Assets Within Starke County while Talking with Stellar Community Project Manager

When community leaders gathered in the Starke County Economic Development Foundation’s office last week for an informational meeting about OCRA’s Regional Stellar initiative, they were asked to consider some of the existing assets within the county.

Stellar Community Project Manager Michael Sinnet said they should consider a variety of different elements within the community that could encompass a number of categories including natural, human, financial and physical assets. Continue reading