Winamac Town Council Agrees to Attend Joint Meeting With Umbaugh and Other Local Officials

Officials in the town of Winamac agreed to attend a joint meeting with Umbaugh and other local officials to discuss issues with the local income tax (LIT).

When town council members met in a special session on Monday, Clerk-Treasurer Melanie Berger informed them that Pulaski County Public Library representatives recently met with Umbaugh Executive Partner Todd Samuelson to discuss the problem.

Berger said they expressed an interest in holding a meeting where town and county officials, as well as any other agencies impacted by LIT levy freeze, could receive additional information from Umbaugh.

She noted that she brought it up during the meeting to gauge how the members felt about that possibility. Councilwoman Judy Heater highlighted the advantage of holding a meeting with multiple agencies.

She stated, “If you can get everyone involved at the table so everybody knows the same information, maybe, just maybe we can move forward and something will happen to fix it.”

The other members agreed that a meeting would be beneficial and gave the clerk-treasurer the go-ahead to get in contact with Umbaugh to let them know the Winamac Town Council members would be willing to attend.

Clerk-treasurer Berger noted that she first contacted their Department of Local Government Finance representative about this matter back in June of 2017, when she noticed revenue was going down. Town Council members previously met with county officials in September of the same year to discuss the problem.

An official date for the next joint meeting has not been set yet.