Another Round of Policy Updates Presented to Knox School Board

Groups using Knox school facilities would officially be banned from holding events with alcohol or betting, under a policy proposal presented to the school board last month. Superintendent Dr. William Reichhart said that would mean that outside organizations wouldn’t be allowed to hold bingo events at school facilities, but raffles held by school groups could continue, since they wouldn’t fall under this policy. It’s one of several policy updates recommended by policy consultant NEOLA.

Reichhart said another important change has to do with the way the corporation would go about laying off teachers, if a reduction in force should be necessary. “There’s been a court decision in Madison County, Madison Consolidated Schools,” he explained, “and we have to update our RIF policy to become in compliance with the decision out of that court case.”

Another policy revision would explicitly allow school employees to conduct corporation business by text or instant message on their cell phones, according to Reichhart, “Remembering, though, that that is a public record, as it relates to school business.”

Meanwhile, eight policies would be updated to address the corporation’s obligation to maintain records, following an investigation of certain complaints. Several other policies are set to get minor updates, as well.

The Knox School Board is expected to vote on the policy updates during its September 18 meeting.