Culver School Board Considering eLearning, Holiday Policy Revisions

The Culver School Board is reviewing the way staff members get paid for eLearning days. A revised eLearning policy was presented during last week’s board meeting, according to Superintendent Karen Shuman. “We’re making sure that we are fair to all types of district employees, when it comes to being paid on eLearning days or not being paid on eLearning days,” she explains.

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North Judson-San Pierre School Board Reviews New NEOLA Policies

The North Judson-San Pierre School Board held the first reading over a new set of NEOLA policies when they met last Tuesday.

Superintendent Annette Zupin mentioned that the majority of the revisions had to do with changing outdated language.

She said some wording had to be adjusted to include information about designated diplomas, heat-related medical training for coaches and metal detectors. They also had to insert the terms Operations Fund and Educational fund in the place of former accounts. Continue reading

Another Round of Policy Updates Presented to Knox School Board

Groups using Knox school facilities would officially be banned from holding events with alcohol or betting, under a policy proposal presented to the school board last month. Superintendent Dr. William Reichhart said that would mean that outside organizations wouldn’t be allowed to hold bingo events at school facilities, but raffles held by school groups could continue, since they wouldn’t fall under this policy. It’s one of several policy updates recommended by policy consultant NEOLA.

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Oregon-Davis School Board Accepts Donation for FFA and National Honor Society

A couple student organizations at Oregon-Davis Junior/Senior High School got a financial boost this week. Superintendent Dr. Don Harman says the school board accepted a donation from the Oregon-Davis Young Farmers organization. “That donation was $700 to the Oregon-Davis Junior/Senior High School FFA and another $700 to the Oregon-Davis Junior/Senior High School National Honor Society,” Harman says.

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