Culver Town Council Adopts Culver Complete Streets Resolution

The Culver Town Council members were presented with a resolution last week that looks at streets and make sure they are safe, convenient, accessible, and attractive for all users.

Town Manager Jonathan Leist noted that the Culver Complete Streets Policy includes streets, sidewalks, paths, lighting, street crossings, and ADA compliant accessibility.

“We would have six months to kind of look at those things and also set some goals as far as things we would measure and report back on like how many feet of sidewalks we do a year, new sidewalks, how many do we replace in a year, new bicycle and pedestrian trails, street trees, and then any explanations when you would make an exception from the policy and allow someone to not put in a sidewalk when you do a new street or something like that,” explained Leist.

The policy was put together by Culver Plan Commission member Marty Osterbaan who said this coincides with the comprehensive plan approved in 2014. The plan commission did approve the resolution that was presented to the council who also approved the resolution with a unanimous vote.

The complete policy can be accessed here.