Knox School Corporation Looking to Partner with City to Add School Resource Officer

The Knox Community School Corporation is still looking for ways to add a school resource officer, even after the Starke County Sheriff’s Department was unable to secure funding. During Tuesday’s school board meeting, Superintendent Dr. William Reichhart said he and other school officials are now exploring whether the City of Knox could step in. 

“School Board President Gary] Dulin, myself, Chief [Harold] Smith, and the mayor of Knox, Dennis Estok, met in the mayor’s office and discussed whether or not the city would like to try and fund this position,” Reichhart said. “And we made a proposal to them, and we are waiting right now to hear back, as to whether or not they could help us out with the school resource officer.”

During the discussions with the Sheriff’s Department, the proposal was to share the cost between the two entities. But Sheriff Bill Dulin’s request for funding was apparently denied by the county council.