Knox School Superintendent Gives Update on Project Finances

The Knox School Board got a financial update on the school corporation’s facility improvements last week. “We have about $60,000 left in our $5 million bond project that is not encumbered as of yet,” Superintendent Dr. William Reichhart explained. “We still have projects left to do.”

On top of that, Reichhart said the school corporation expects to get a couple rebates. “I think my current numbers are around $55,000 that we’re going to get back from NIPSCO that we’ll be able to spend. And then, finally, we might get some money back also from EMCOR, the energy savings company. It looks like they’re going to come in under budget, and they will be refunding to us some dollars there. So that’s kind of exciting news.”

The work has included a new roof, along with new heating and cooling units at the high school, new LED lighting, asphalt work, and a number of other improvements.