No Public Comments Provided During Winamac Budget Hearing

Winamac Town Council members held a brief public hearing over the proposed budget for 2019 when they met Monday night.

According to Indiana Gateway for Governmental Units, the Town of Winamac has a total budget estimate of $1,625,712 for next year. Within the budget, officials have placed $1,088,702 in the general fund and $25,000 in the rainy day fund.

Additionally, the budget has $6,000 listed in the general capital improvement fund, $30,000 in the cumulative capital development fund and $150,000 in the economic development income tax or CEDIT fund.

No public comments were provided during the hearing. The budget will be up for adoption when town council members meet next on Monday, October 8th. For more information about Winamac’s proposed budget for 2019, follow the link provided with this story on