No Public Comments Provided During Winamac Budget Hearing

Winamac Town Council members held a brief public hearing over the proposed budget for 2019 when they met Monday night.

According to Indiana Gateway for Governmental Units, the Town of Winamac has a total budget estimate of $1,625,712 for next year. Within the budget, officials have placed $1,088,702 in the general fund and $25,000 in the rainy day fund. Continue reading

Knox City Council Considers Draft Ordinance Over “Official Duties” to Address Absenteeism Concerns

Knox City Council members received a draft of an ordinance that will establish official duties of council members after their meeting last Tuesday.

Knox Mayor Dennis Estok has been coordinating with Indianapolis attorney John Molitor to construct an ordinance that lays out official council duties. The draft ordinance addresses things such as meeting attendance, consequences for multiple misses and adequate constituent representation. Continue reading

Knox School Board Met Monday for 2018 Budget Adoption

On Monday evening, the Knox School Board met briefly in order to adopt the school corporation’s 2018 budget. Superintendent Dr. William Reichhart said board members voted unanimously to adopt the budget as advertised.

By doing so, the Knox School Board has effectively adopted their budget prior to the November 1st adoption deadline. The last day that 2018 budgets, tax rates and tax levies can be submitted to Indiana Department of Local Government Finance through Indiana Gateway is November 3rd.

The Knox Community School Corporation has total budget estimate of $20,662,696. To view the entire budget notice posted to Indiana Gateway, follow this link.

North Judson Town Council Receives Update About Community Center Committee Funds

The North Judson Town Council held the final reading of their 2018 Budget when they met earlier this week. Following the reading, the council adopted the budget which has an estimated total of $983,546 according to Indiana Gateway.

Additionally, the clerk-treasurer at the time, Alicia Collins informed the council members where the $12,000 of funds raised by the Community Center Committee will go now that the project is no longer being pursued. Continue reading

Culver Community School Board Adopts 2018 Budget

The Culver Community School Board adopted the 2018 budget when they met Monday evening. Superintendent Karen Shuman stated that their budget is in line with their enrollment and all accounts are in good standing.

Superintendent Shuman also said their taxation will remain status quo and representatives of the school corporation are hoping that the new housing being developed in the community will boost enrollment which would increase revenue and allow for the school to offer more programs to Culver Community students.<!–more–>

Culver Community School Corporation’s general fund comes in around $6.1 million and the capital projects fund has more than $2 million estimated. The 2018 budget has an estimated total of $12,189,792. To view the budget notice provided through Indiana Gateway for Government Units <a href=”;yr=2018&amp;mode=ALL” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>click here.</a>