North Judson Police Department to Save Big with Glock Buyback Program

With time running out to take part in Glock’s buyback program, North Judson Town Marshal Kelly Fisher discussed the related cost for some new guns with Town Council members this week.

At a meeting back in July, council members gave Marshal Fisher permission to peruse this opportunity which allows the department to trade in their current models that are about 2 decades old and get new ones at a reduced price.

Fisher told members, “We’re looking to get the new Glock 17 gen 5 9 millimeters versus the 357s that we have.”

Fisher added that the upgrade is long overdue, seeing that NJPD is one of only four departments in the state who still carries 357s.

The 357s are worth $299.50 each while the 9 millimeters are valued at $428.50, meaning the department only has to pay about $129 for each new gun they receive.

Fisher presented a purchase order of $1,928.50 to cover the cost of 11 new guns and extra magazines. She explained that four are for the full-time officers and the remaining 7 are for those who work part-time. Officers will still be able to utilize their current holsters and magazine carriers.

Fisher highlighted some of the advantages to using the new guns, stating that they’re more durable, have more advanced sights, have a higher magazine capacity and less recoil.

Marshal Fisher also noted that the ammunition is half the price. Councilman John Rowe commented on the impressive cost savings.

“As far as the 9-millimeter versus the 357 sig, every time you pull the trigger you’re going to save 15 cents at the range so that’s huge.” He went on, “That will pay for itself. That’s an unbelievable deal. I couldn’t believe this when I read this, that they’re going to give you $300 each.”

Council members voted unanimously to pay the PO for the new guns as well as the additional PO that was submitted for 2,000 rounds of full metal jackets for the range and 2,000 rounds of 9-millimeter hollow points.