Pulaski County Council Plans Salary Matrix Overhaul

Pulaski County’s salary matrix will soon get an overhaul. That was the promise council member Scott Hinkle gave after department heads voiced concerns during last week’s public hearing on the 2019 budget.

Community Development Commission Executive Director Nathan Origer asked why the budget didn’t include a longevity increase for his project coordinator, as specified by the matrix. Hinkle said the council’s matrix committee is working on a solution. “We had some discussion Monday about this, and we’re drafting some changes and we’re having it worked out,” Hinkle said. “This year will be taken care of, and then the new matrix will be adopted for 2019.”

Meanwhile, Highway Superintendent Terry Ruff’s request to adjust the pay rate for his department’s secretary was apparently denied. In addition to her regular pay, Jessica Rausch has also been getting a $2,500 check for her services as asset management coordinator. Council members voiced concern with that arrangement earlier this year, so Ruff requested that they do away with the separate $2,500 payment and increase her regular hourly pay rate by $1.25. Council President Jay Sullivan said he didn’t have an answer for why the request was cut from the 2019 budget proposal.

At the same time, Ruff also asked to raise his department’s starting pay rate from $13.77 to $15 an hour. “We can’t get any help for $13.77, I’ll be honest with you,” he told council members. “The last time we advertised, we had one applicant come in here and he wanted to know how much he was making. It’s $13.77 for a whole year now. It’s not the 90 days we proposed at one time. Now it’s a whole year. You’ve got to go on anniversary to get a raise. We can’t get a qualified CDL driver for $13.77.” Hinkle said the issue of how to compensate employees who have a CDL is also being addressed by the matrix committee.

As Pulaski County’s 2019 budget proposal currently stands, most full-time employees would get a one-percent pay raise. Budget adopted is scheduled for October 8.