Pulaski County Highway Department May Accept WorkOne Job Training Participants

The Pulaski County Highway Department is looking into partnering with WorkOne to get some free labor. As part of a job training program, participants would have the chance to learn skills by working with the Highway Department for a certain period of time, while WorkOne would pay their wages and assume any liability. Similar partnerships have already been put in place with the county’s Maintenance Department, as well as the Starke County Highway Department.

Pulaski County Highway Superintendent Terry Ruff told the county commissioners Monday that he wasn’t sure the program would help him find anyone, but it wouldn’t hurt to try. “After the roadwork’s done hopefully at the end of the month or soon after the end of the month, I really don’t have anything for them, I guess,” Ruff said. “The only thing that we’re looking at is if we could happen to get one with a CDL license, we might give him a try. Ninety-nine percent of them don’t have CDL licenses, either.”

However, WorkOne apparently doesn’t want participants to use heavy machinery. Still, Ruff noted that they might be able to serve as flagmen or other supporting roles, when construction starts again next spring.

Commissioner Kenny Becker added that WorkOne would try to pair the Highway Department with Pulaski County residents. Becker told Ruff to proceed with the program as he sees fit.