SCEDF Receives Purdue IN-MaC Micro Grant

The upcoming Manufacturing Day events in Starke County will be covered in part by a Purdue IN-MaC micro grant.

The grant program is designed to help provide financial support for those businesses and organizations who implement creative projects that enhance youth exposure and experiences to manufacturing in collaboration with Manufacturing Day initiatives. The micro grants support innovation and encourage organizations to dedicate funds toward development and program implementation that impact manufacturing.

The Starke County Economic Development Foundation applied for and was awarded $2,000 to assist with planned events in October.

On Oct. 4, approximately 350 seventh grade students from Knox, North Judson-San Pierre, Oregon-Davis and Culver Community School Corporation will gather at Knox Middle School to learn what each company manufactures, who they sell their products to and for what use, what types of jobs are available in a particular company and what job skills and education are necessary to secure employment at the company. It will be held in conjunction with a Career Fair which will occur on Wednesday, October 3rd from 4 p.m. until 6 p.m. in the Knox Middle School Auxiliary Gymnasium.