Starke County Commissioners Approve Additional Staff for Sheriff’s Department

The Starke County Commissioners discussed a request put forth by Sheriff Bill Dulin Tuesday night concerning additional staff at the Sheriff’s Department.

In his 2019 budget, the sheriff asked for two additional jailers and two additional patrolman, but said that he’d be happy with one jailer and one patrolman. He said it’s a matter of providing safety to the citizens of Starke County.

Commissioner Kathy Norem was concerned about the salaries being paid for out of the Jail CEDIT fund and proposed that they be paid for out of the Therapeutic Community fund. Dulin explained that he asked that the salaries be paid for out of the CEDIT fund as there is enough money in there  where the money fluctuates in the Therapeutic Community Fund.

After much discussion, Commissioner Charlie Chesak made the motion to fund the new jailer and new patrolman out of the Therapeutic Community fund and Commission President Don Binkley seconded the motion. Norem stated she wouldn’t second the motion, but when it came to a vote all commissioners cast an affirmative vote.

The measure will now go before the Starke County Council members to be approved as an addition in the sheriff’s budget for 2019.