Starke County Park Board to Discuss Bass Lake Beach and Campground, County Forest

The conditions of the Bass Lake Beach and Campground will continue to be discussed during tonight’s Starke County Park Board meeting. Concerns that the facility’s operator, Callahan Development, LLC, reportedly hasn’t addressed safety issues at the facility have led county officials to look at the possibility of making the repairs themselves. Specifically, the beach house patio was the topic of a heated discussion during last month’s meeting.

Meanwhile, the park board is also expected to schedule a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Starke County Forest. The County Highway Department recently upgraded the old access trail into a gravel road with a 10-to-12-car parking lot. The work was funded by a $15,000 grant from the Hardesty Memorial Endowment Fund. The park board was directed to hold the celebration by the county commissioners. Commissioner Kathy Norem noted that it’s one of the board’s first major successes in its four-year existence.

Tonight’s Starke County Park Board meeting starts at 6:00 in Starke County Annex Building No. 1.