Knox Schools Continue Adjusting Student Drop-Off, Pickup Procedures

Knox Elementary School is rolling out a new student pickup procedure. Principal Michelle Tarnow recently told the school board that the goal is to make the process more efficient and convenient, but above all, safer.

Here’s how it works: Each family will be given a number. That number will be placed on a tag on parents’ rear-view mirrors, as well as on students’ backpacks. As family members drive in, school employees equipped with radios will notify those inside, so the corresponding students may be sent out.

Adults are being asked to stay in their cars and not to walk up to the doors. Tarnow said that will be a lot safer than having kids walk among moving cars, even if accompanied by their parents.

Superintendent Dr. William Reichhart said the change is a step in the right direction. “Just like in the morning, we got beat up a little bit on Facebook,” he said, “but now, parents are very pleased, and they have been asking, ‘Can we do something different for the afternoon?’”

Meanwhile, Knox Middle School is still working on its drop-off procedures for the morning. Principal Jake Skelly told board members that as long as parents move their cars all the way up, things generally go smoothly. But if they don’t, backups occur. Skelly thanked Police Chief Harold Smith and the entire Knox Police Department for their help.

Meanwhile, the school has changed is drop-off procedure for buses. Instead of having all the buses park in the parking lot, Skelly said they’re now lining up and dropping students off at the door. He said the new system appears to be working well.