Winamac Ambulance Garage Expansion Plans Getting Back on Track

Pulaski County’s ambulances may finally be getting more space in the near future. During last month’s budget discussions, the county council directed EMS Director Bryan Corn to start working on expansion plans for the Winamac ambulance garage.

Corn told the county commissioners Monday that the council has so far agreed to set aside funds for the addition in his 2019 budget. “We need some wider doors,” he said. “We need some taller doors, some more space in general, so that way, we can get all of the trucks backed in there.”

The expansion has been discussed for some time, but county officials were concerned with the cost of the initial proposal.

Corn explained that the EMS Department is set to get a new ambulance next year, and it’s going to need somewhere to put it. “Unfortunately, that’s one’s probably going to be bigger than all the ones that we have,” he said. “So in order to do that, we kind of need to take the first step and see if we can work on getting a nice place to put it because I don’t want it sitting outside.”

Corn plans to meet with Commissioner Kenny Becker next week to start discussing plans.