Winamac Park Board Approves Purchase of New Soccer Goals, Volleyball Nets

Entrance to the Winamac Town Park

The Winamac Town Park will soon be getting some new athletic equipment. Last week, the park board voted to let Park Manager Dave DeLorenzo buy a pair of portable full-size soccer goals.

They’ll be installed sometime after the soccer season ends. The current goals are considered a bit of a safety hazard, since their weight makes them difficult to move. Board member Pat Bawcum opposed the measure because DeLorenzo wasn’t given a spending limit for the new goals.

The park board first discussed the replacement of the soccer goals over two years ago, but ended up holding off on the purchase, since they weren’t sure who the goals actually belong to. The smaller goals will remain at the park for at least another year.

Meanwhile, the Winamac Park Board also approved the purchase of two new volleyball nets. DeLorenzo also said the resurfacing and conversion of the existing tennis court into a dual-purpose tennis and pickleball court is set to take place sometime this month. That work will also include the installation of a new net.