Culver Town Council Gets Update on Stellar Projects

The Culver Town Council members got an update last week on where the Culver Beach Lodge and Cavalier Sports Park projects are in terms of pre-construction.

Town Manager Jonathan Leist said he met with Shannon McLeod from Priority Project Resources and representatives from Mosaic Builders and The Troyer Group to go over timelines for the Stellar Communities Designation Program projects.

Leist said the bid opening for the Culver Beach Lodge project is expected for Feb. 28 and June 30 for Cavalier Park.

“So we would be looking at work starting at the Beach Lodge possibly this March or April,” explained Leist. “We would phase the work so the beach would remain open and have the downstairs restrooms and concession stands open throughout the summer. Cavalier Park could start in August or September. According to our grant agreements based on when we submitted them and signed them, both projects – construction – is supposed to be complete by March 31, 2020.”

The council members were given a contract proposal from The Troyer Group for design, construction documents, bidding administration and site survey for the Cavalier Sports Park in the amount of $85,000. Leist indicated that the amount was slightly under what was budgeted for the entire project. The contract was approved with a unanimous vote.

A contract from Mosaic Builders for the Culver Beach Lodge is expected by the council’s next meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 23.

A quarterly meeting with the Stellar Communities Designation Program officials is set for today.