Culver-Union Township Library Officials Address Mold Issue

Steps are being taken to eradicate the mold problem in the basement of the Culver-Union Township Public Library.

Library officials say that mold growth was found on some library books and surfaces in the lower level of the library. Once the information was made known to the board of trustees and Director Colleen McCarty, a Plymouth company assessed the situation and recommended the placement of dehumidifiers to decrease the amount of moisture in the air. The air quality would also be tested.

The ACM Lab from South Bend tested the air quality on Sept. 25 where mold growth was found in several areas of the basement including the computer lab, large meeting room and foyer area. According to information released from the library, those areas are often closed to the public and staff.

Remediation efforts began earlier this week to prevent any further mold growth in the library. The basement has been closed to the public as a result of this process and it will remain closed until the mold is gone.

Prior to this discovery, the library board members retained the work of a company to refit the HVAC system to better control the humidity levels.

During this process, the upper portion of the library will remain open.