Knox Board of Works Gets Renovation Update on Downtown Storefront

Repair work continues at 1 and 3 N. Main Street in Knox.

Building Administrator Kenny Pfost told the Knox Board of Works members last week that  the owner of 1 and 3 N. Main Street, Pete Milev, has done more work since the last meeting but he remains under enforcement as not all of the work has been done.

City Attorney Leslie Baker said there was a court hearing on Oct. 2 in small claims court where it was set for another status hearing in 60 days. She said Milev was told that the work has to get done. Another hearing is set for December and Baker said it will determined how much work he’s gotten done and what needs to be done from there. Baker added that Milev could be at a November Board of Works meeting so they can decide how to move forward with the small claims action.

On the topic of the fire escape, Baker said Milev needed to get it inspected and he was told of that requirement during the court hearing. Pfost said fire code requires fire escapes to be maintained and free from rust. Rust can be seen on the fire escape. The apparatus need to be inspected by an architect or an engineer.

The board members will get an update on work at their November meeting.