Knox Crosswalk Work to Take Place This Week

Long-awaited crosswalk work in the City of Knox may finally get done this week. Mayor Dennis Estok told the city council last week that the installer would try to be in Knox this week, but the work depends on the weather. “A 50-degree day at daytime is fine,” he explained, “and then as long as it doesn’t get below freezing or something too many days in a row.”

Council members had approved the installation of a several-thousand-dollar street print for the intersection of Lake and Main streets back in June, but so far, the work hasn’t begun. Estok previously said that one part of the design, decorative crosswalks, could be painted before the end of the year. But the centerpiece of the design, the city’s logo, would probably have to wait until later.

Similarly, work on the mural at the nearby Serenity Gardens is moving ahead, but it seems to be taking longer than originally hoped. Estok said the city isn’t demanding that artist Joe Eskridge complete the project by a certain time, though. “There’s no deadline because, actually, Joe’s donating his time to do it,” Estok told council members. “He teaches during the day, and then when he’s got time, he goes and paints. So I would assume it’s not going to get done this year, totally, but you never know. We still have a lot of good days ahead.”

Initial plans called for an image of a child playing in the Knox splash pad, surrounded by smaller depictions of some of the city’s notable landmarks.