Pulaski County EMS to Explore Ambulance Lease Options


The Pulaski County Commissioners have decided not to put more money into an ambulance that’s set to be replaced next year. EMS Director Bryan Corn told the commissioners Monday that the department’s oldest ambulance, a 2008 Ford which has had numerous problems over the years, is once again out of service.

“We had issues with it,” he explained. “Apparently, it decided it didn’t want to hold coolant anymore, and it decided to overheat. So we got it towed to Wagner’s. Wagner’s took a look at it and essentially told us it’s going to cost about $7,800, the estimate you guys have in front of you, in order to repair that.”

On top of that, the ambulance would soon need air conditioning work and other maintenance if it were to stay in service into next year. Corn added that ordering a new ambulance typically takes about six months. But he felt his department could survive with one fewer truck, in the meantime. “As far as scheduling trucks and maintenance, it will make it a little tougher,” he said, “but it’s nothing that we wouldn’t be able to handle and get through.”

Commissioner Mike McClure asked if it might be possible to lease an ambulance, to fill in the gap. Commissioners Jerry Locke and Kenny Becker agreed that might be a good option. “I would hate to see $10,000 spent on this one for less than a year of service,” Locke said.

Becker added, “You could put that $10,000 towards the lease and then lease it for a year. Then you’ve got a new vehicle or a newer vehicle than this.” He pointed out that a lease may be especially useful, if one of the remaining ambulance should be in an accident or have some other unexpected problem.

Corn agreed to talk with a few different companies to discuss possible lease options.