Serenity Gardens Mural Discussed by Knox City Council

Preliminary Sketch of Serenity Gardens Mural

More work will be done on the mural in downtown Knox; however, it’s not expected to be entirely complete until next year.

When Knox City Council members met last week, Councilman Bill Gustafson asked if any more progress would be made on the mural that’s adjacent to Serenity Gardens on Lake Street.

During the meeting, Mayor Dennis Estok didn’t have a definitive answer. However, he did note that Joe Eskridge is doing this on a volunteer basis and he teaches during the day so he has a limited amount of time to work on the mural now that school is back in session.

Mayor Estok has since spoken with the artist and Eskridge indicated that he will continue to work on the mural as weather permits. The mayor said that while the work will continue, it is unlikely that it will be completely finished by the year’s end.