Water Fountain, Children’s Book, T-Shirts Donated to Oregon-Davis School Corporation

Oregon-Davis High School’s athletic facilities will get a new water fountain, thanks to the Hamlet Lions Club. “The Hamlet Lions Club is donating a lion fountain that we will be placing out by our soccer field/track area,” says Superintendent Dr. Don Harman, “and we hope to install that in the springtime.”

Harman says the fountain was one of a few donations accepted by the school board Monday. “We also approved a donation of a book to our elementary school, which was really neat,” he says. “The gentleman’s name is John Mitchell. He is a disabled Vietnam veteran. He served with the U.S. Air Force. He’s written one book called ‘George and Smokey: A Tale of Two Cats’ but he also donated a book to our elementary library called ‘Nightwings The Bat.'”

Meanwhile, Harman says HealthLinc has donated t-shirts for every student and staff member. “We distributed those in the last couple weeks, so I wanted to thank HealthLinc for their partnership and providing those t-shirts. Those t-shirts were red t-shirts with ‘Bobcats’ on the front. So we appreciate that.” HealthLinc operates a telehealth center on the Oregon-Davis campus.

In other business Monday, the school board approved an agreement with Go Solutions Group for Medicaid reimbursement services.