Winamac Town Council Adopts 2019 Budget

The Winamac Town Council unanimously adopted their budget for 2019 when members met on Monday.

According to Winamac’s budget notice that’s available through Indiana Gateway, the town has a total budget estimate of $1,625,712.

The biggest chunk of that is in the general fund which has $1,088,702 while the Town has $25,000 budgeted in the rainy day fund. There is also $50,000 in the local income tax fund for 2019 as well as $105,000 in the Motor Vehicle Highway Fund and $7,500 in the local road and street fund.

Winamac has an estimated civil max levy of $488,746 and a property tax cap credit estimate of $610.

Clerk-Treasurer Melanie Berger informed the members that the state gives municipalities 2 days to submit their budget after it’s adopted. She said she would submit the day after the meeting in order to have it in prior to at deadline.

Additional budget information for the town of Winamac can be found by following the link provided with this story on