Here’s How to Keep Your Recyclables from Ending up in a Landfill

Every day, people all over the world recycle plastic, paper, cardboard, aluminum cans, and glass. Not only can these items be repurposed for future use but the practice of recycling helps reduce our dependence on landfills.

However, if an item is wet or soiled with any kind of food, it cannot be recycled and it runs the risk of contaminating other items you hoped to recycle.

To help cut down on contaminants in local recyclables and to keep them from winding up in a landfill, Knox Mayor Dennis Estok has shared some vital information from Republic Services.

Representatives of the waste management company say to keep these three words in mind when recycling; empty, clean and dry.

Be sure that all containers are completely empty by dumping out excess liquid or food. Next, rinse out the items that can be exposed to water such as glass, plastic and aluminum. Lastly, check that all materials are absolutely dry before they make it into your container.

Residents should also be aware of what items are permissible. For instance, a lot of people don’t realize that plastic bags are not recyclable. Rather than putting your items in a bag, residents are encouraged to place them directly in their recycling bin.

Other items such as bubble wrap, pizza boxes, waxed cartons and Styrofoam cups and containers should never be placed in recycling. You can find more specific rules that Republic Services has in their Recycling Guide.

For more information watch the video below: