Knox Officials Discuss Accessibility Concern at Community Center

A concern about the amount of handicap parking spots near the Nancy J. Dembowski Community Center was brought before Knox officials during Tuesday night’s city council meeting.

Councilman Bill Gustafson said a constituent approached him with a concern about a lack of handicap parking in the area and wanted to know what could be done to address it.

Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston stated that there are about three or four spots in the alley to the side of the building and a few others nearby. He also noted that while the horseshoe drive cannot be parked in, event-goers are encouraged to utilize it to drop off individuals with mobility issues prior to parking.

He mentioned that the city was actually inspected by a state official a few years ago since the community center is utilized as a polling place. He said the location was determined to be compliant with the necessary requirements.

Clerk-Treasurer Houston assured Councilman Gustafson that they do their best to be as accommodating as they can be. Mayor Dennis Estok added that they’ll take the concern under advisement and see if it would be possible to add in some additional handicap parking spaces in the area to improve accessibility.