Man Who Resisted Starke County K9 Arrested on Battery Charges

A man who reportedly fought a K9 is in the Starke County Justice Center.

According to the Starke County Sheriff’s Office, on Tuesday, Nov. 6 deputies received information that 36-year-old Mauro Zuniga was at a home in Knox. He was reportedly known to have outstanding felony warrants. Officers were told there were other people at a home where a firearm was present.

The Starke County SWAT team arrived at the home south of Knox and all police officers there approached the residence. A Knox City Police officer reportedly witnessed Zuniga through a window. Police contacted the homeowner, but he allegedly refused to allow police inside the residence. Police say that because Zuniga was seen by an officer and he has known felony warrants, they made entry into the home.

Three individuals began to flee, according to the report. Two were taken into custody without incident while two fled upstairs.

K9 Zardoz was brought into the house to help search for the individuals. The report states that a false wall was found which led to an attic. Police reportedly announced their presence three times. They were urged to surrender or K9 Zardoz would be sent in. Police say the orders were not followed and K9 Zardoz made entry into the attic.

The K9 located Zuniga who then began to fight with the K9. However, K9 Zardoz was able to take him into custody.

Zuniga was transported to Starke Hospital in Knox for treatment and later released into the custody of the Starke County Sheriff’s Office. He remains in the Starke County Justice Center on preliminary charges of resisting law enforcement and battery on a law enforcement officer. He is also being held on several warrants.

Three others were arrested in the incident. Brian Callahan, Natasha Bradley, and Michael Tolson of Knox have a preliminary charge of resisting law enforcement.