North Judson Town Council Brainstorms Ways to Recognize the NJ-SP Lady Jays Volleyball Team

Photo Source: WKVI Sportscaster Nathan Welter

The North Judson-San Pierre Lady Jay Volleyball team received a tremendous amount of community support over the weekend after winning the Indiana High School Athletic Association’s State Volleyball Championship on Saturday.

When town council members met Monday night, they deliberated about some ways they can recognize these talented student-athletes for this historic accomplishment.

Members said that they want to install a sign that acknowledges the victory. They added that it would likely be placed underneath the welcome sign at the edge of town.

The members agreed to present three different designs to Athletic Director Greg Estok so he can show the different options to the team members and they can decide which one they’d like the town to utilize.

Officials also mentioned the possibilities of renaming a street in honor of the team and presenting the young women with something on behalf of the Town during their winter sports awards banquet.

No official actions were taken but town officials will continue to coordinate about these possibilities.