Exorbitant Amount of Daily Transportation Changes Spur Safety Concerns at NJ-SP

Bus safety is a matter that is currently being addressed all across the nation.

Locally, North Judson-San Pierre Transportation Director Wilbur Collins took action this winter to install cameras on all the busses to catch drivers who pass them when the stop arm is extended.

Adjustments were also made to the bus routes to eliminate potentially unsafe pick-ups and drop-offs.

School officials are taking another step to improve student safety with a transportation policy change that’s included in the proposed handbooks for next school year.

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Capital Projects Summary Presented to North Judson-San Pierre School Officials

A capital projects summary was given to North Judson-San Pierre School Board members when they met last Tuesday.

NJ-SP School officials worked with the architecture and engineering firm Fanning Howey with these capital projects. Company representative William Payne provided members with the project summary and noted that everything was accomplished without going over budget.

Payne explained that some major safety upgrades that were made to the entrances of all the schools. Continue reading

NJ-SP Maintenance Director to Start on Bus Cameras Pilot Project Over Christmas Break

Over Christmas Break, North Judson-San Pierre Maintenance Director Wilbur Collins plans to get started on a pilot project related to improving school bus safety.

When NJ-SP School Board members met on Tuesday, Collins explained that the recent bus-related fatalities in surrounding counties prompted him to look into some ways to improve safety and discourage motorists from putting students in danger with unsafe driving practices. Continue reading