O-D School Board Approves School Improvement Plans, As Administrators Review Letter Grades

Oregon-Davis school administrators are planning their response to the latest round of school letter grades. O-D Elementary School got an A for the 2017-2018 school year. The junior/senior high school and the corporation as a whole received C’s.

“The administration is reviewing the data at this time,” Superintendent Dr. Don Harman told the school board last week. “It will be presenting the findings and strategies that are and will be put in place into an action plan to improve our student achievement, based on the criteria. I know I’ve talked to the building principals, and I expect them to present findings to the board in coming months.”

Also during last week’s meeting, the Oregon-Davis School Board finalized the 2018-2019 school improvement plans. Harman said no changes were made from the proposals presented last month. “They are a work-in-progress,” he reminded board members. “They are working documents. Staff is working very hard.”

Harman previously said that this year’s plans continue to try to improve Math and Language Arts achievement, along with attendance and high school graduation. But he said the plans also include some updated implementation strategies.