Oregon-Davis School Board Finalizes Updates to Course Description Guide

Oregon-Davis High School students will be able to take Aviation or AP Art classes next school year. The school board finalized the 2019-2020 Course Description Guide Monday. The new aviation courses will be based at Plymouth Municipal Airport and will be available to high students throughout the local area through the North Central Area Vocational Cooperative.

Meanwhile, O-D students looking to pursue a career in art will be able to earn AP credit, according to High School Principal Chris Matthys. “There’s three studio art concentrations, so to speak, in 2-D, 3-D, and then painting, perhaps, based on what the child’s interests are,” he explained. “We wanted to offer all three of those AP possibilities for a kid, depending on what their area of interest is, as an artist.” Matthys said the art classes will be portfolio-based, which will help prepare students applying to college art programs.

At the same time, band will have three separate course descriptions, for beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. School officials said the change will allow students’ transcripts to reflect their growth. However, all band students will continue to be taught together, for the most part.

Matthys told board members that the Course Description Guide also includes something of an academic handbook. One of the changes to that section means that students caught cheating on their assignments will get a lunchtime detention. Matthys said the goal is to treat academic dishonesty as a behavioral issue, as much as an academic one.

Another change will explicitly allow any student to retake a course, even if they didn’t fail it, bringing the Course Description Guide in line in with the school board’s existing policy. Additionally, Matthys said the requirements for induction into the National Honor Society were clarified.