Pulaski Commissioners Approve Court Software Switch, State Agrees to Fund Computer Upgrades

The Pulaski County Commissioners have approved a switch in court software. Last week, the commissioners approved a memorandum of understanding, allowing the county to switch from CSI to Odyssey.

Superior Court Judge Crystal Brucker Kocher said the state has agreed to cover the cost of the necessary computer upgrades. “What they have indicated to us is that the equipment was up to terms, in terms of the technology that’s required. However, the age of the equipment requires that it be replaced because they’re saying that in the next year or so, we’re probably going to have to start replacing some of those pieces of equipment, anyway,” she explained. “So ultimately, what they have recommended is that every piece of equipment be replaced.”¬†Kocher said that based on estimates from County IT Director Matt Voltz, it would cost more than $22,000, if the county had to pay for the new equipment itself.

Now that Pulaski County is on the list to switch over to Odyssey, Kocher said the changeover is expected to take place some time in 2020. “There is an extensive period of transition time, training time, that goes along with all of this, and they will send their people in to train with us and provide some training, starting six to nine months before that whole process even starts,” Kocher said. “So there’s quite an extensive period of time that will go into making sure the county’s ready for this, making sure all the offices are ready for this.”

Odyssey is the system used by the Indiana Supreme Court, and it’s directly compatible with several registries and databases used by the county’s judicial system. It’s also available to the county for free, while CSI costs about $25,000 a year.