Starke County Election Board Reviews Voter Complaint

The Starke County Election Board members discussed a complaint filed by a voter in the November General Election.

Election Board President Harrison Fields read the letter aloud during Wednesday’s meeting where the voter had an identification issue when attempting to sign in to vote. In the letter, the voter said her ID didn’t match the voter registration record due to a name change. She didn’t change her last name on voter registration card.

The voter stated in the letter that a provisional ballot was given, but noted that the poll worker said the ballot could be taken home and returned to the clerk’s office within two weeks. The letter further states that the voter was told the ballot wouldn’t be accepted until her identity was verified.

Clerk Vicki Cooley said the poll workers are extensively trained and they are told to call the clerk’s office with any questions. If the issue had been referred to her office, it could have been addressed and handled properly.

The voter should have been able to vote a provisional ballot while at the voting site, according to election officials. Specific forms would have had to be completed in order for the provisional ballot to be reviewed by the election board. At that time of review, the ballot could be accepted or denied with reasons documented of the board’s decision.

During Wednesday’s meeting, the board members received information that the name change has since been corrected and the voter should have no problem voting in the Municipal Election in 2019.