Starke County Government Officials Discuss Security

The presence of security officers may soon be seen at upcoming Starke County government meetings.

The subject was presented at the most recent Starke County Commissioners meeting. Government officials say security is at the forefront of concern across the country and county officials are considering putting more safety measures in place during the meetings.

The county commissioner meetings and county council meetings are currently held in the Starke County Annex No. 1 Building in Knox. Commissioner Kathy Norem said that she believes that Indiana code allows the county commissioners to ask the sheriff to provide security at the meetings there which would be at a minimal cost.

Moving the meetings to the Starke County Circuit Courtroom on the third floor of the courthouse was suggested, but eventual work on the courthouse elevator may delay that choice. The courtroom at the Starke County Justice Center was also given as an alternate location.

No formal decision was made, but future discussions are anticipated.