Culver Town Council Approves Snow Removal Quote

A snow removal company will clear sidewalks in a snow event for ease of residents in the Culver business district.

The Culver Town Council members this week approved an agreement with Sellers Services who provided quote that included a flat rate and varied rates for council consideration.

Town Manager Jonathan Leist said one option covered a flat rate of just over $1,500 for each event when called no matter the amount of snowfall. For a snowfall of two inches or less, the cost would be $899 and for two to six inches the cost is $1,359. If the snowfall is six to 10 inches, it would be $1,654 and anything more than that is about $2,100.

Town officials would have to initiate the call for snow removal. Leist or Utility Superintendent Bob Porter were authorized to make the call. When the company is called to action, they would start at 5:30 a.m. ET.

The areas to be cleared include west side of the sidewalks from the grocery store on North Lakeshore Drive and continue on the north side of Lakeshore Drive. The sidewalks would be cleared on both sides of Main Street to Marmont Street.

The council members chose the variable rates just to justify costs. The money is available in the 2019 budget. If an event would happen yet this year, the money will be appropriated.

The quote from Sellers was the only quote received and the variable rate option was unanimously approved.