Culver Town Council Supports Action to Clean up Property

The Culver Town Council members continue to work to clean up nuisance properties.

Building Commissioner Chuck DeWitt and Plan Commission President Barry McManaway went before the town council members on direction concerning a property on Tamarack Road. DeWitt explained that the owner has been notified to rid the property of large pieces of inoperable equipment, 14 semi trailers, junk vehicles, 300 tires, and a large square foot area of household garbage.

The property has been deemed unsafe and an environmental hazard. Oil is dripping from payloaders into the ground, but DeWitt said the water has not tested positive for any petroleum products.

McManaway said they have tried to work with the owner for about a year to clear the property without success.

The town council members authorized an action where Town Attorney Jim Clevenger will write the owner a letter to clean up the property. If it is not done within a time frame, the matter will go to court.