Knox Officials Seek Two More Eye Sores to Demolish with Remaining Blight Elimination Funds

With money remaining from the Blight Elimination Grant, Knox officials are looking for a few more eye sores to get rid of within the city limits.

In his report during Tuesday night’s City Council meeting, Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston stated that about $36,000 is left over from that grant.

Mayor Dennis Estok added that they can afford to eliminate two more structures and encouraged anyone who owns a blighted or abandoned building to contact his office as soon as possible.

Estok provided some additional details about what happens to the property during the process. He explained, “It goes into the Starke County Development Foundation’s name because that’s the way that program is set up, you had to have a not-for-profit, third party involved.”

The mayor added that once the structure is demolished and all other requirements associated with the Blight Elimination Program are met, then the property can be deeded over to the City.

If you’re aware of any structures in the City of Knox that look like they should be demolished, contact the Mayor’s Office at 574-772-4553.