Money Continues Trickling In for Culver Fire Truck Fundraiser

Culver’s fire truck fundraiser may officially be over, but Fire Chief Terry Wakefield says donations continue trickling in. “Money keeps coming in,” he told the town council last week, “and hopefully it still does until we can get a number on this vehicle, to get it pegged down so everybody knows what’s going on.” Wakefield said that process was set to begin last week.

The Culver-Union Township Fire Department is looking to buy an aerial fire truck that would assist with rescues from buildings taller than two stories. At the official end of the fundraiser on November 18, about $169,000 had been raised, short of the $200,000 goal.

The truck the department wanted to purchase would have an overall price tag of $1 million. The bulk of the funding would come from the Town of Culver and Union Township.