North Judson Officials Discuss Loose Dog Problem with Town Council

Officials in the Town of North Judson are working together to address an apparent loose dog problem.

During his department report at Monday night’s town council meeting, Code Enforcement Officer Joe Leszek said they’re still experiencing issues with dogs, specifically on Franklin Street.

Town Marshall Kelly Fisher also noted the persistent problem. She told members she’s been reading up on Indiana code to see if there was anything that addressed the issue.

She explained, “Some of these people, we’ve written three or four tickets and nothing ever happens so I was doing some research on an IC code called reasonable control of your dog and it basically states that you have to keep it on your property”

Fisher mentioned that if they were to write up a ticket citing that particular code it would be a class D infraction which would require the individual to go through city court. She said if the fine is not paid the person runs the risk of having their license suspended.

Fisher indicated that the purpose of potentially changing the procedure is to inspire people to take the tickets seriously and to ensure their dogs securely kept on their property. She noted she will continue coordinating with the Town Attorney Justin Schramm about the matter.

No official actions were taken but this topic will likely be readdressed in future meetings.

Residents are reminded that if they spot a loose dog, they should contact the North Judson Police Department immediately so officers can address the issue as quickly as possible. You can reach the NJPD at 574-772-5914.