North Judson-San Pierre School Board Selects New Member

Back: Jerry Bacon, Jim Menis, VP Derrick Stabaum
Front: Dr. Annette Zupin, President Sheila Akers, Sandy Kersting Rudd

Following a series of interviews with three qualified candidates, North Judson-San Pierre School Board members selected the new Railroad Township representative Tuesday night.

Sandy Kersting Rudd was the candidate selected by the board members. She was in the running for the position with Ann Dolezal and Megan Korous. Superintendent Dr. Annette Zupin noted that all three women are North Judson alumni.

Each woman had a chance to speak with board members individually, while the other candidates waited in the lobby out of ear-shot.

They were asked to speak about a number of matters including why they were motivated to apply for the open position, the skills that made them a qualified candidate and what they thought were the roles and responsibilities of the board.

While being interviewed the candidates were also asked to identify the strengths of NJ-SP as well as areas that need improvement.

Megan Kourous, Sandy Kersting Rudd and Ann Dolezal

All the board members had rubrics they were scoring during the interviews. Once the process concluded, Board Vice President Derrick Stalbaum tallied the scores and declared the new board member.

Superintendent Dr. Zupin spoke about the candidates, noting that they all seemed to be aware of the schools’ strengths and weakness and showed that they want the school corporation to do well. She encouraged the individuals who weren’t selected to stay involved with NJ-SP in different capacities.

Though members announced their choice after the interviews, Board President Sheila Akers noted that Kersting Rudd’s appointment is technically pending the verification that she is a registered voter and that she meets the residency requirements.

Once those two items are confirmed, Kersting Rudd will be officially sworn into the board during their next meeting on Tuesday, December 18th.