Pulaski County Commissioners Approve Revolving Loans for G&G Guns, Casey Williams Company

Pulaski County Commissioners: Mike McClure, Jerry Locke, Kenny Becker

A Knox gun shop plans to move to Star City, thanks to some financial help from Pulaski County. The county commissioners Monday approved a $19,500 revolving loan request from G&G Guns. “He has a purchase agreement on the former LightStream Bank building in Star City, moving the gun business from his storefront on U.S. 35 in Knox,” Community Development Commission Executive Director Nathan Origer explained. “He’ll do a little bit of expansion in some of the offerings he has, in addition to just firearms.”

Origer said G&G Guns had been looking to move to Downtown Winamac, but Realtor Ryan Harrison steered the business toward the Star City location. “Ryan knows him and pointed out that one of the benefits to this is that it already has the bank vaults, and so he wouldn’t have to incur the additional expenses of fitting those into a space,” Origer said. “And so LightStream gets to unload it, Star City gets a little boost, and he gets a building that works for him a lot quicker.”

It was one of two revolving loan requests approved by the commissioners Monday. They also agreed to lend $18,000 to the Casey Williams Company. “Casey Williams is an accountant who currently works out of her home in the Medaryville area,” Origer explained. “She and her husband, through a separate company, have purchased a few buildings in Downtown Medaryville, the former Siemens/Hague Insurance building, the Potato Fest building, the Lions Club, and she will be renovating the Hague Insurance building to move her office into it.”

Origer added that both requests had gotten the unanimous approval of the Community Development Commission, before going to the county commissioners.