Pulaski County EMS Sees Third Ambulance-Versus-Deer Crash in Less Than Five Months


Another ambulance-versus-deer crash will mean a repair bill of almost $10,000 for Pulaski County Emergency Medical Services. It happened the day before Thanksgiving, according to EMS Director Bryan Corn. He told the county commissioners Monday that the ambulance was on its way to a 911 call, when it hit the deer.

“Hopefully, we can get the truck up to Dobson’s and get it fixed a little quicker and get it back out on the road,” he said. “I sent you guys the estimate in that packet, too, as well. That estimate came in to, I think it was, like $9,400 or $9,700, in order to fix everything.”

Corn said the department’s insurance will reimburse them for the repairs, minus a $1,000 deductible. In the meantime, the commissioners agreed to let Corn transfer $10,000 from his On-Call budget into the Equipment Repair line item, to cover the upfront cost.

Last month’s accident was the third time a Pulaski County EMS ambulance was damaged by a deer in less than five months.